10.00 a.m. Opening of the Innovation Forum

Klaus-Peter Güttler, Secretary of State in the Hessian Ministry of Economics, Transport and Regional Development

followed by:

“Breakfast with Galileo”

  • SatNav Business Opportunities, Udo Brüning, cesah GmbH Satellite Navigation Centre
  • Vortragstitel, Matthias Siegel, COSMi Bauma
  • Punchbyte g-diag software system for satellite navigation supported testing, diagnosis and maintenance, Patrick Kempf, Punchbyte® media agency and software company
  • Personal emergency call systems and Galileo, Oliver Scheufler, konzeptpark

Satellite navigation market

Galileo and EGNOS, together with further developments in the GPS field, are giving the satellite navigation market considerable impetus and offering new inspiration to Hessen’s IT sector. Hessian companies at CeBIT present interesting and exciting examples of possible innovative uses in satellite navigation.

In all these activities, the way to new ideas for innovative uses is opened by the intelligent linking of various different technologies. Not only traffic telematics, fleet management and logistics can benefit from satellite navigation based applications, but also the construction industry and the communal sector. Indoor positioning systems, location based services, surveillance of premises and the steering and positioning of machines represent just a small section of the potential or realised applications.

Hessen's Satellite Navigation Centre

cesah, Hessen’s newly built Satellite Navigation Centre, is becoming established as the linchpin for the Galileo satellite navigation project and Hessen’s SatNav sector. It also provides major impulses for the development of innovative products and services.

11.30 a.m. Business Brunch goes „Green IT“

Germany plays a pioneer role in e-energy, and Hessen as one of the leading ICT regions possesses excellent potential in the direction of greater energy efficiency, particularly in view of the large concentration of data processing centres in the Rhine-Main area. For data processing centres, energy efficiency is an urgent requirement second only to the overriding aspect of high security. This topic is dealt with by BSC Computer GmbH (Allendorf), EMC Corporation (Schwalbach / Taunus) and IBM Deutschland GmbH:

  • Approaches to enhancing the energy efficiency of data processing centres, Gerhard Bosch, IBM Deutschland GmbH
  • Energy efficiency and storage systems, Mika Kotro, EMC Deutschland GmbH
  • enOcean radio technology, Peter Mause, BSC Computer GmbH

EMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC) is the world's leading developer and provider of information infrastructure technology and solutions that enable organizations of all sizes to transform the way they compete and create value from their information. Information about EMC's products and services can be found at www.EMC.com >

The presentation from IBM Deutschland GmbH will show up possibilities for enhancing the energy efficiency of data processing centres. At present, except for very efficiently planned and operated data processing centres, only about one third of the electric power obtained from the energy supplier actually reaches the IT users, i.e. the servers, storage media and communications technology installed in data processing centres – by far the greater part of it is used for cooling the IT infrastructure or gets lost during electrical energy transmission from the service duct to the actual users.

12.30 a.m. – 1.00 p.m. Get-together

1.00 p.m. Games and lunch

The market for computer and video games is currently one of the major growth areas in information technology. The large concentration of developers and publishers in the Rhine-Main area and their worldwide operations make Hessen a highly attractive region. This topic is presented by Deck13 Interactive (Frankfurt) and Braingame Publishing (Wiesbaden):

  • From games consoles to learning consoles – game-based learning with Nintendo DS, Markolf Heimann, Braingame Publishing GmbH
  • Luka and the Hidden Treasure – Symbiosis of high-quality games elements and complex learning materials, Dr. Florian Stadlbauer, Deck13 Interactive GmbH

Deck13 Interactive GmbH has been on the games market since 2001, during which time it has published more than 10 titles. In 2005, the team came up with “Ankh”, which turned out to be an unexpected hit and was awarded prizes as “Best German Game 2005” by the jury of the German Developer Prize and by GameStar magazine This success was followed up by continuations of the series and the title “Jack Keane”. Among other distinctions for Deck13 were the German Developer Prize for Best Adventure and Best Story / Game World 2007. The thirty members of the team are working at present on a role-playing game and another adventure. Both titles will be completed in the first half of 2009.

The hardware and software products from BSC GmbH, a company in North Hessen, create an infrastructure for all terminal equipment by means of enOcean radio technology. This enables a building to be automated without the need for an expensive hardwired bus system. In addition to numerous software solutions, the BSC portfolio includes transmitters / receivers for USB and LAN, as well as intelligent and arbitrarily cascadable repeaters. The software serves as an interactive control centre, e.g. in connection with a touch panel.


Braingame stands for intelligent gaming. With the creation of it’s „learning adventure“ genre in 1996 Braingame Publishing GmbH set important milestones in the edutainment category. The multiple award-winning and million times sold games built the base of the company's success and prove that it is possible to combine learning with fun. Today Braingame’s portfolio contains high-quality 3D adventures, award winning titles for children and families as well as unique info- and edutainment products - for both PC and Nintendo platforms. Braingame guarantees for intelligent, cutting edge technology and high quality gaming with its experienced team of educators, scientists, media and game designers. Braingame products are published worldwide – with great success. Besides the products for end-consumers, many industrial customers have trust in the know-how of Braingame, too. They have their complex contents transformed into entertaining multimedia-based worlds for example.

2.00 p.m. Coffee & Tea with Software and Hessen-IT

Future-oriented software solutions form the basis for professional company management and optimised business processes. Hessen is also a leader in the software sector. Inform yourself about future-oriented software solutions, e.g. the application of SOA and BPM technologies for achieving flexible business processes, CRM solutions for integrated customer management and business process optimisation, and IT management solutions. CA Deutschland GmbH (headquartered in Darmstadt), CURSOR Software AG (Giessen) and Software AG (Darmstadt) present their solutions:

  • Enterprise IT Management – Unify and Simplify, Nils Meyer, CA Deutschland GmbH 
  • How to win customers and reduce costs with CURSOR-CRM, Thomas Rühl, Cursor Software AG
  • The successful combination of SOA and BPM – advantages for everyday practice, Matthias Rippert, Software AG

CA (NYSE: CA) provides software solutions that enable customers to more effectively govern, manage and secure their increasingly complex information technology environments. By unifying and simplifying IT management, CA's Enterprise IT Management vision empowers organizations to optimize business performance and sustain competitive advantage. Founded in 1976, CA serves customers in more than 140 countries. For more information, visit www.ca.com >

CURSOR Software AG is a specialist for sector-specific CRM solutions. In addition to software development, the company offers all services needed for project realisation. More than 10,000 employees in over 250 companies use CURSOR CRM and benefit from optimised business processes in sales, marketing and after-sales service. Thomas Rühl, company founder and CEO, shows how companies can gain decisive competitive advantages with the support of a CRM solution tailored exactly to their requirements.


The product portfolio of Software AG embraces first-class solutions for data management, service-oriented architectures and business process optimisation. The company has just recently been ranked in the “Leader” quadrant by Gartner, Inc. in its report Magic Quadrant for Integrated SOA Governance Technology Sets, 2007 (31 December 2007). Gartner concludes that “good governance is the foundation for building a successful service oriented architecture”. Good governance is indispensable and of prime importance if SOA is to be sustainably implemented and bring a return on the investments made in it. The Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) from Software AG shows where processes can be optimised, new functions created and new solutions quickly found.