Umwelttech meets IT - Green-IT and E-Energy in Practice

The information society is developing at a rapid pace. The continuous growth in the numbers of servers, PCs and laptops, and the increasing data traffic via the internet, make it possible to communicate and optimise process flows more efficiently. However, they also involve high electricity consumption and ever greater amounts of contaminated electronic waste. For this reason, economic use of energy and resources will be necessary for all solutions aiming at further development in these areas.

The IT sector is already presenting options for optimised process steering in the fields of environmental and energy technology. At the same time, gradual decentralisation of energy generation, expansion of renewable energies and increasing liberalisation are all adding to the complexity of our energy systems.

For the European Commission, the promotion of energy-saving ICT is a further instrument in connection with the possible climatic changes resulting from the global rise in CO2 emissions. The EU Commission has therefore called on the ICT industry to assume a key role in this process. The sector here has to task not only of lowering its own CO2 emission but also, more particularly, of developing solutions for the entire national economy.

Germany has taken on a leading role in the e-energy sector and Hessen, in its position as a top ICT location, has great potential to help find new ways of increasing energy efficiency. The specialist event "Umwelttech meets IT - Green-IT and E-Energy in Practise", organised jointly by the action lines Hessen-IT and Hessen-Umwelttech (environmental technology) of the Hessian Ministry of Economy, will deal in particular with the following topics:

  • Energy efficiency in computing centres
  • Smart Metering
  • Smart Grid

The programme includes considerations of promising future developments and highlights the opportunities opened up by the use of more efficient technologies.

We cordially invite you to this Congress on 20 August 2008.

Congress venue and date 

20th of August, beginning 12.30h p.m.
e-shelter facility services GmbH
Eschborner Landstr. 100
60489 Frankfurt